But I hate the rodeo!

Movies. The very word makes my pleasure circuits light up and ping ping ping like a winning carnival game. I’ve recently signed up for a film series being presented at the Seattle Art Museum–more pings, I love museums!–and so far I have been thrilled with the films. This series is called The Best of Britain, and you get a much better rate if you sign up for the whole shebang in one go. I did.

One of the advantages of the whole-shebang approach is that it forces me to go outside my favorite genres and experience films I might otherwise have turned down. The first two films were mysteries, and I most certainly would have attended those, but this week we’re seeing Sons and Lovers, a 1960 adaptation of the D.H. Lawrence novel. It sounds heartwarming, possibly heartbreaking. In other words, something I’d normally run away from as if escaping the Nazis with an ex-nun and her identically-dressed children. I’ve found, however, that confronting my biases has led to some amazing discoveries. Just as art can be found on the sidewalk, so too can joy be found where you know it is not going to be. My good friend Laurie, for example, reintroduced me to country music. Once I got done telling her all the reasons I couldn’t possibly like it, I actually started listening and fell in love with Alan Jackson’s silly side. I don’t like all country music, but the artists I do like have an embraceable effervescence that adds a lot to the quality of my days. I never would have experienced that if Laurie didn’t nudge me out of my self-imposed box.

It’s okay to seek out the predictable delights, too. After all, I believe in pursuing joy! The first two films in the series did not disappoint, and tomorrow I’m going to give you just a few little tastes of each to intrigue you. Because, perhaps, just perhaps, you are a person who knows you hate mysteries.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
(By the way, I’m quoting the TV series Mission Impossible, another delight of mine!)

3. Break out of your cozy little box–perhaps it’s jewel-encrusted with silk cushions, like some of mine–and go to a film or a concert you would normally avoid. Pay attention, and decide whether you enjoyed yourself based on that one experience. You might be surprised.


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