Just purse your lips and blow

What if I told you that you could keep hundreds of pieces of art in your jacket pocket? That in the same little container you would hold a substance that could make grumpy people smile? That this very same bottle could be an instantaneous source of personal amusement without any batteries?

How much would you pay for something like that? What if I told you that your masterpieces could fly? How much would you pay now?

You’d probably pay less than two dollars, because this little cylinder of magic is inexpensive and available nearby. Don’t send money, don’t order anything online! What is this elixir of joy? Bubbles! Pustefix is my very favorite brand, but any kind will do, and I carry them all the time. I love Pustefix because the solution comes in a brightly-colored vial and the lid has a wand attached right to the top. No more fishing in the soap, no spilling in your pocket. And they make the most glorious globes of rainbow-hued glass, floating orbs that last a long time before they burst. All these things are important, my friends.

I carry bubbles for many reasons. They give me joy, and they help me spread joy to others. I’ve heard many a “right-on” and a giggle as I blow them amongst the skyscrapers or out into the streets. (For those who do not live in the Pacific Northwest, “right-on” is the local patois of approval.) I love to watch the fluid colors move on something that seems solid, and I find that when I slowly blow out a stream of bubbles I relax without effort. I’ve never smoked, but I imagine that the slow breathing is part of the thrill. Sometimes when I need to escape a hot nightclub for some air I even stand and blow bubbles with the smokers. At those times I’ll often pick one bubble to watch as it floats up into the streetlights. I watch that very same bubble until it suddenly dissolves into the air or disappears in the wind. Voila, meditation without cushions. No stiff knees, no Zen center required. Look—up in the sky—is it a bird? Is it a plane? No—it’s bubbles! Right-on.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
6. Find some bubbles of your very own—doesn’t matter what brand—and try it out for yourself.


One thought on “Just purse your lips and blow

  1. Love the title. One of my favorite lines from “To Have and Have Not” Bacall to Bogart. Great idea to carry bubbles I love it. Thanks. This is the first Blog I have read. I like it and plan to check in regularly.

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