Last time I got a rubber duck and Pop Rocks

How long has it been since you went to your local toy store? I hope it was yesterday, because that’s the best place I know of to find bubbles, and I really do hope you accepted your last assignment. If you didn’t go yesterday, when was the last time? Going to buy toys for your children or other small assorted beasties doesn’t count. When was the last time you shopped at a toy store? Just for yourself?

I go all the time. You may have guessed this already, but I am really in tune with my inner child. I let her out to play with finger paints and yo-yos. She touches the fabrics on the brightly colored sweaters when we shop, just to see how soft they are. She even gets treated to pineapple gelato. I suppose I spoil her, but she deserves it. She’s a good kid.

I don’t know who got the idea that adults should be serious all the time. We’re supposed to play with martinis and loud music. We like dark colors and intellectual pursuits. We’ve put all that kid stuff behind us. Bah Humbug. Martini glasses are cool, and I love to dance, but I am not willing to limit my fun to certain sanctioned activities. Adults need games. We need bright colors. Sometimes we even need kits with sequins and sparkles and stray bits of yarn. At least I do. So I buy them.

What else do I get at the toy store? I get things that make my heart sing. It really is that simple. If I can afford it, and it makes me smile, I bring it home. If I can’t afford it, I save up. I don’t want my inner child to run away. She might get lost and scared.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
7. Take yourself on an outing to your local toy store and buy something nifty. If you are in Seattle, I highly recommend The Magic Mouse in Pioneer Square. This is something you must do in person, so that you can shop like a kid. Touch all the marbles, test out all the sock puppets. When you find the thing that truly delights you, take it home and play with it.


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