Perchance to dream

Today I am going to tell you one of my most potent fantasies. No need to click off the page in a panic—this is not that kind of site! I do not know you that well! My vision has to do with crisp clean sheets, velvety comforters, and dozens of feather pillows. A purring cat or two is somewhere atop the pile. An ocean breeze blows through the shutters. The sound of the waves whispers in my ears, and I am comfortably ensconced, safe from the orcs and black riders that have been pursuing me for days.

I drifted into Tolkien for a moment, my mind wandering as I lust for sleep. This is a joy I notice most in its absence, and I am resolved to fix that. Rest feeds the brain, keeps us well, and tames the beastly child inside all of us who needs a nap right now. I don’t make enough time for it. Duties press upon me. The orcs and trolls really are at my door, telling me I have to go to the day job to feed myself. The dragon makes me pay the rent. The black riders ensure that the laundry gets done, and they stab me with guilt swords when I forget to replace the eggs.

These terrible creatures of necessity have a certain power to compel, but I sometimes forget the strength within myself. My spells increase in power with every joyful act. When I give myself what I need, my energy soars. I cannot forget this ancient wisdom, a secret passed down through the generations. I am one of the guardians of this knowledge, and it must not be forgotten.


Tonight I will work my magic in the dark, seeking the healing that can only be found in the depths of slumber. I need no companions in this quest, but I will try to engage the assistance of a certain orange tabby. Every sorceress needs a familiar. He and I will face the wilds of the land of Nod without so much as a pocket handkerchief, and I think we can keep the orcs from finding us if we hide deep beneath the covers. The dream goes ever ever on, down from the nap where it began . . . .

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:
13. Take a nap when you feel you should be doing something else. Revel in the luxury of it!


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