Earth Angel, will you be mine?

I am surrounded by them now—dozens of carefully-crafted confections layered in a heart-shaped velveteen box, a bowlful of conversation hearts framed on a lacy paper doily, individually-decorated chocolate cupcakes adorned with pink pastel frosting. Valentine’s day can be an exercise in candy-coated overdose, can’t it?


Although I’m a certifiable sugar fiend, I prefer other modes of celebration—a fragrant bouquet of roses, a thoughtful gesture, a touching note. I will be getting all those things today even though I’m currently single. I am a firm believer in a “be your own partner policy.” How does this work?

I’m going to take all the love and attention I would shower on that special someone and give it to myself. I would buy a sweetheart some flowers, so I’ll be receiving a lovely bouquet. After all, I’ve been in a relationship with my own fabulous self for a very long time. I need to keep the romance alive.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t also be sharing my love with others. On Valentine’s day I appreciate the many loves in my life—my family members, my close friends, even the cat I sleep with most nights. I am never truly alone, but surrounded by the people who love me. Some of them even read this blog. I send you all hugs and love. Many of you are far away, but I always keep you close to my heart.

All this kind treatment and jovial feeling extends past Cupid’s little holiday. I take myself out to dinners—I go to the movies. I don’t believe I should sit home alone because I am unaccompanied. Of course, I enjoy a nice date, too, as long as my companion honors the special relationship I have with myself. After all, we go way back, and nothing comes between me and the ones I love. We have something special together, and I honor it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get busy with the construction paper and glitter. See you tomorrow, and happy Valentine’s day! Give yourself a hug from me.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

25. (I encourage you to do this one even if you are in a relationship). Write yourself a love note. Use the prettiest stationery you can find or spring for that splendiferous card. You’re worth it!


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