Texas wants you anyway

I went back to the Century Ballroom a few nights ago, still determined for my joints and muscles to catch up to my desire to dance. On some nights they give a half hour lesson before the dancing begins, and this time it was salsa. I had my trepidation when I heard the announcement. I had a similar salsa lesson a few years ago in Asheville. The basic steps aren’t hard, and they are easy to count off with the instructor. In Asheville, however, they taught us the steps and then played expert salsa music. You could have run a three-minute mile to this music—it was that fast. I could barely walk for days.

At the Century they were more sensible. They played medium-speed music. I got to join in with the salsa music throughout the night as people asked me to dance. It was fun, and quite a workout. I added another dance to my lesson wish list. I love Latin music. I also love country music, a more recent acquisition to my musical palate. My dad played it when I was growing up. I always liked Hank Williams, but mocked the rest. My best friend reintroduced me to it, and now I listen to it all the time. Garth Brooks is twanging at me right now.

The Ballroom played a mix of music, and some of it was country. There were some line dances, like the Boot Scoot Boogie and the Watermelon Crawl. I followed along as best I could, and I hope to learn them. I also watched some very graceful couples partner dance to the music I adore. I asked around, and I learned there is a special partner dance for country music—Texas two-step. This one goes straight to the top of my list, right up there with swing. I know how to Cajun two-step, but I learned that as a solo step. I want to be able to twirl around to Brooks and Dunn with the others.

Pretty soon I’ll have to turn to Lyle Lovett for advice on how to wear my hat and pull my boots on right. I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige. In the meantime I’ll keep dancing—my song is playing.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

35. A lot of country music is the very essence of joy. If you haven’t really listened to it, I challenge you to check it out and decide for yourself. Did you like it?


Links, should you desire them:

The marvelous Century Ballroom: http://www.centuryballroom.com/

A couple of great songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7juIMc65WQ







2 thoughts on “Texas wants you anyway

  1. You can’t keep good country dancers down. They just keep Boot Scooting Boogie-ing in the door.

    I too dance at a ballroom that plays a variety of music, including country music on certain nights.

    My might get a kick out of reading my blog
    Amy Barnes has postings there about dance etiquette, with a ballroom/swing/country twist.

    I have developed a new way to teach dance… one that should be kinder and gentler than your salsa experience in Asheville. Visit http://www.zediamonddancemethod.com to learn more.

    Next time you are in Asheville, I hope to see you out on the dance floor.


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