And such pretty colors!

She is waiting for my answer but I am standing there perplexed. Pineapple is calling my name, while coconut whispers its sweet siren song. Raspberry flirts with me from the corner. I order them all, having chosen once again to indulge myself in gelato. I don’t feel bad, because each scoop is small and this place uses mainly fruit to make my dosage of frozen decadence. It is spectacular.

Gelato is available in many places, but it truly thrives in Seattle. There are many purveyors of this treat, and like all good local businesses these places also sell strong espresso in small china cups. Here is a marriage of the bitter and the sweet, the hot with the cold. I take a sip of the smooth crema and I am ready for another small spoonful of icy heaven. 

Each shop has its own character. The best places are Italian, and my favorite one is called Bottega Italiana. This small storefront is in the Pike Place Market and has a long line of tourists in it at most times. There is minimal seating but that does not matter. Gelato is usually served in disposable fluted bowls with tiny spade shaped spoons. It is the perfect walking treat.

Other shops are larger, selling sandwiches, coffee, atmosphere. One such place has photos of the coliseum on all the walls and a television showing Italian melodramas. Their gelato is sufficient, and that might be enough in other places. In Seattle we don’t have to settle for that.   

I am adopting the approach of my new city. I don’t want to settle for inferior treats. I’m eating less dessert anyway, trying to tame the sugar fiend inside of me. I’ve been eating a lot more fruit, indulging in other taste delights like San Pellegrino and sushi.  When I do eat dessert, I want the really good stuff. I used to treat myself with Snickers bars, a mediocre chocolate at best. Now I go for the occasional piece of artisanal chocolate, and I choose gelato over ice cream most times. Yum, raspberry. . . .

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

36. Treat yourself. Rather than several so-so treats, go for one really good one. Which approach do you enjoy more?


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