Invite Juan Valdez to join you

Today is Friday, and I am enjoying the freedom that is blooming just below its surface. My day is pregnant with anticipation. I am looking forward to my first cup of coffee tomorrow morning. Coffee is different for me on the weekends. Most days I drink java in a rush, trying to introduce caffeine into my system, trying to get some motivation in a mug. On Saturdays, I drink coffee to enjoy coffee. I have it as an accompaniment to my morning of nothingness, a celebration of a moment in time where I have nowhere to be. Weekend coffee is sacred.

I’ll often eat breakfast with my housemate after two hours or more with this ceremonial cup. Sometimes we cook and sometimes we go out. Either way, breakfast is different on the weekends, too. During the week I eat something quickly, making sure to have some calories in my system to get the job done. I keep trail mix and prunes in my desk drawer at work, and most of the time that suffices. On the weekend I have pancakes, or sometimes eggs. I eat more slowly, and I enjoy my breakfast more. Leisurely food tastes better, and conversation with friends is the perfect appetite heightener.

I have the afternoons to get things done, to run errands and clean house. I could try to keep the same pace as I do Monday to Friday, but I know that would backfire. I need my unscheduled moments. My weekend coffee is a mini-vacation with no packing required, no travel books to purchase. I can even wear my pajamas while drinking it. As they’d say in Minnesota, that’s a heck of a deal.

I want to introduce a little of this joy into my everyday routine, so I’m trying to get to work a little earlier. I don’t have time for a two-hour cup before I start my job, but fifteen minutes of relaxation first thing makes all the difference. That one slow cup reminds me that I come first, that I can have a life while I make a living. It’s an experiment for now, but so far the data is impressive. Can breakfast be far behind?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

40. Plan to have a leisurely breakfast this weekend. Look forward to it. Is there any way you can introduce elements of the weekend back into your daily life?


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