Bursting out all over

Seattle has many charms, including its ability to produce abundant signs of life all throughout the winter season. Thus we are the Emerald City, a nickname some appreciate and others deride. In a city such as this, where it seldom gets too cold and we are blessed with rain throughout the year, one might think it would be hard to tell the onset of spring. Not so.  

The birds are singing in much greater numbers than a few months ago and blossoms are popping out of every surface. It all seems rather sudden. The giant flower box atop the market has a zillion daffodils in it, and a walk through my neighborhood shows purple crocuses bursting through the dirt. Little white flowers ornament the bush outside my window and there is a tree hung with so many pink flowers that it looks almost fake, as if no tree could truly hold such delight. The flowers are big and showy, a bit larger than carnations. I wish I could tell you what this tree is, but I haven’t yet learned all of the Northwest’s flora by name. Most of the things that grow in huge hedges here would only bloom in tiny pots in the hardware store in the other places I’ve lived. I’m constantly stunned by this.  

The rain has picked up again, after a brief dry spell. The water mists the flowers. Mother Nature is taking care of her garden. Everyone is happy about the new life sprouting up all around. I am more appreciative than some, having spent so much time in colder climates. Were I still in Minnesota, I might be experiencing some of the heaviest snows of the season. I miss the other places I’ve lived, but I do not miss the harsh winters, the extended periods of cold. I have more energy at this time of the year. The squirrels are with me—they’ve been chasing each other around the neighborhood all week. I love to watch them frolic.  

I’ve been frolicking a bit myself. Yesterday I had a walk in the rain during lunch. I enjoyed the warm weather, the displays of fruits I passed. I admired the pineapples, the oddly-named lemon plums. Spring is sweet in so many ways.  

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

49. How does spring manifest where you are? Go out and explore.

I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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