Tangled up in blue

Happy Friday, everyone! I celebrate it with you even as I regret the mindset that sanctifies certain days over others—holy Friday versus cursed Monday. All days are special, and all have great things about them. Today I appreciate a workplace institution, casual Fridays.

This hallowed tradition comes with its own sacred raiment, and I’m wearing mine right now—blue jeans. I work in a skyscraper, and almost to a person we’re wearing the same pants. Denim surrounds me. What’s not to love about jeans? This is the first time all week I’ve had pockets, an innovation that men take for granted and women pine for. Sure, it’s hard to put a pocket in a skirt, and my pants have a slimmer line without them, but I miss having a place to put my spare change and cell phone.

I also appreciate the texture of denim. It’s soft yet strong, both admirable qualities. It’s not that my usual garments are made of sandpaper—nor, I hope, are yours—but jeans are comfy in a way nothing else is. This is part of our national costume, and I treasure it. As surely as a kimono once represented Japan, jeans represent America. I hope to be wearing them throughout my lifetime.

It is no wonder that I venerate this paragon of pants—the perfect pair is so hard to track down. The fabric never disappoints, but I cannot say the same of the cut. Too many jeans are wide at the waist when they fit my hips. I’m picky about the other end, too. My best friend loves bell bottoms while I prefer a boot cut or a straight leg. I loved the pegged jeans of the Eighties. Once I find the perfect pair I buy at least two, because when I fall in love I want it to last forever.

Do I sound too effusive? After all, these are just pants. True, but the everyday things that surround me affect my personal energy. I’ve had slacks with annoying zippers, skirts that keep riding up. Each is a tiny annoyance that adds up to a big fat pain. I need my clothes to support me. After all, we’re going to spend the whole day together. Is that too much to ask?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

52. Put on some jeans, and take a moment to really appreciate how much comfort they give you. How can you find a way to bring a little bit of that into your daily life?


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