Work geek feeds the starving

As I sit here, cozily ensconced in the blogosphere, I am thinking about my newest online obsession. I’m not usually one to encourage web surfing, if only because there is so much else to do away from one’s computer. That said, I find a lot of value on the internet, and I’m glad you visited my little corner of it today.

My friends and family are judicious about passing along web sites, as it’s too easy to get sucked into the screen and not come up for air. My brother passed along a gem I’ve decided to recommend right here. It’s called This website features a multiple-choice vocabulary quiz. Every time you get one right, the site donates twenty grains of rice to the hungry.

I love this site, and not just for altruistic reasons. It’s great that my online games are feeding people, and I’m all for it. I’m more excited by the words. The program adjusts the difficulty as you play, so that everyone is at a challenging level. That means a language junkie such as myself is exposed to loads of words I’ve never seen, and so is a young student. The words repeat, too, so that you learn through repetition. I was able to guess some that I did not know, and I’ve learned some really cool things.

Have you heard the expression “kith and kine?” I had, so I was able to guess that “kine” meant cows. It’s archaic, but cool. I was similarly able to guess “counterpane,” which means bedspread. The Land of Counterpane is a favorite poem of mine. It’s about a sick child who is stuck in bed, where he rules his own small kingdom. I never thought to question the title, and now I have another reason to love the poem. I also realized that there are words I thought I knew, but I cannot quite pin down their definitions. I’m sharpening my writing tools while I play.

This program scores the player to fifty-five levels, so you can keep trying to increase your score while you learn. You can compete against yourself while you feed people and learn to better communicate with those around you. If you must surf, and I must sometimes surf, this feels like a great way to do it. Now, how do I work the word “hallux” into casual conversation?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

53. Wander on over to and give it a try. You know you want to.


One thought on “Work geek feeds the starving

  1. The idea of this is funny, although I did spend quite a bit of time at that website this morning. The only thing that I felt bad about was that hungry people in the world were depending on how much time I had to spend playing a vocabulary game. This is besides the pressure of eventually getting a couple of the answers wrong. I will, however, be back to that site to test myself again. Thanks for the link.

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