The cat rested, too

Yesterday I recharged my batteries. I slept late and I stayed inside most of the day, a good thing to do while the weather was having one of its little fits. The sky was charcoal gray, and the rain was whipping in all directions. I was inside under a blanket watching movies with my housemate.

I used to feel bad about days like this, and I still get little twinges of guilt. After all, I have so much else I should be getting done. Should—that’s a warning word right there. Should is about guilt, and obligation, and grief. Sometimes there are things that need to be done, regardless of volition. I’ll be at work all this week, whether or not the mood strikes me. I’ll pay my bills, I’ll feed the cat. There are enough things that absolutely must happen that I try not to add extra duties to the list.  

My body has its own absolute needs, and sometimes I forget that. I need to rest, to have some down time. Some days it feels like my brain is melting, because I haven’t had that fun time. It is just as important as all my other duties. Yesterday I satisfied my need for fun with movies. We watched Stardust (Matthew Vaughn, 2007), a fantasy based on a Neil Gaiman novel. I love his writing, so I was eagerly anticipating this movie. I was not disappointed.  

I don’t understand why this film didn’t get more notice—it was funny, silly, and also a great adventure story. The fantasy universe was believable, and was different from the common elves, dwarves, fairies routine that populates so many other examples of the genre. This was a touching love story, and the film was a visual treat.  

My friend and I accompanied our movie viewing with spontaneous Chinese food. We had a nice dinner planned, and were going to cook grilled cheese and soup. I love grilled cheese and soup, but when my friend wandered outside for his smoke break he found Chinese delivery menus. Our fate was sealed, and we got to watch extra movies instead of cooking. It was just what we both needed, and my fortune said I’d have a great day today. So far it’s right on the money.  

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

54. Take a day off to relax, doing only what is necessary and no more. If you’d like to rent a movie, I’d highly recommend Stardust.  


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