Something in the air

Today is all about fabulous. The world is bright and shiny, and the sun is peeking its little yellow head over Seattle’s cloudy sky. Square dancing was amazing! I had so much fun learning the steps and trying to get things right with the other dancers. We giggled when we messed up. Someone would grab the wrong hand and all of a sudden the pattern would break and people would try to scramble back to home base as a person was left out of the circle. When we got a complicated step right we all high-fived. It was glorious, geeky fun. Golly Gee Whiz Girl rides again. Yee haw! I love that woman.

I was telling my friend about it this morning on the bus, and I got chatting with a cute stranger. Sparks flew, but—not awake—we forgot to exchange phone numbers. I will be searching the bus for my missed opportunity. She says she lives in my neighborhood. Perhaps we’ll meet on the street? I think the universe will give us a second chance. I’ll be ready. 

Seattle is full of these fun surprises. I walked out during lunch and another cute stranger handed me daffodils. The Pike Place Market is celebrating spring by giving us all flowers. Yay daffodils! Yay spring! Today it’s flowers, Tuesday it was hugs. I was walking home from the bus and a trio of strangers blocked my path. They weren’t begging for cigarettes or money. They wanted to know the tune to an Abba song. They couldn’t remember the melody, and they’d asked everyone who came by. It was driving them nuts. I became their hero, because I was able to sing a few choruses of Fernando. Hugs all around, and they offered to buy me a drink. My couch was more appealing than the liquor, but the hugs were marvelous. 

Tonight I’m revisiting the Romans at the art museum. My friend wants to go, and I can get him in for free. He’s buying me dinner at the Polynesian restaurant nearby. I haven’t had Polynesian for years. It should be fun. Seattle is a smorgasbord, and the little treats keep coming. Have I mentioned lately how much I love her? I kneel at Seattle’s feet with daffodils, and I know she loves me back. Life is sweet. 

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

58. Interact with your environment, and keep track of all the fun little experiences you have in one day. Do you love your town? Why or why not?

I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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