No bonnet required

This weekend was Easter, and I had a great holiday. I did nothing—absolutely nothing. It was perfectly blissful. No errands were run, no papers got filed. Nothing was crossed off my to-do list. I watched DVDs all morning with the cat on my lap. Three of the movies were not good, but the fourth was wonderful and will become a new favorite. It didn’t matter, really, because I was awash in the bliss of sitting still, sipping coffee.

I will tell you about the fourth movie, rather than waste our time here lodging a complaint about the others. The movie I liked and adored is called Kinky Boots (Julian Jarrold, 2005). This quirky gem is based on a true story of a British manufacturer of men’s shoes. The company needed to find a niche market to survive modern economic conditions. They were successful, and started to make a line of footwear for drag queens and transvestites. The film covers their rocky transition from brogues to boots. This movie is thoughtful and fun fun fun. Chiwetel Ejiofor—I have no clue how to pronounce his name—plays Lola, a drag queen who inspires the project. Lola sings her own music, rather than lip-synching, as so many screen queens do. I was charmed.

That afternoon I had a holiday feast with my friend. We had Easter pizza. He had Canadian bacon, and I had pineapple. It was yummy, and there was no cooking involved. We spent the evening watching Six Feet Under. This HBO series is intense, entertaining, and it provides a lot to think about. I’m watching it for the first time. The entire five-season run is on DVD, and my friend and I are stretching it out, watching a few at a sitting. The cat kept us company in our relaxation, and we gave a big tip to the pizza delivery guy. I don’t have a television, so I really enjoy these occasional forays into foreign territory.

Outside, spring showers guaranteed the continued flourishing of the flowers. Inside, relaxation guaranteed the continued flourishing of the people. I feel renewed and resurrected. Isn’t that what Easter is all about?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

61. Do nothing, and revel in it. Do not be productive, do not get things done. Put your feet up and relax. Isn’t it marvelous? Ahhhhh. . . .


One thought on “No bonnet required

  1. This is too funny – I was using up a Christmas gift certificate from Best Buy, and just for the heck of it bought Kinky Boots (because I like weird English movies ) – you’re right, it’s hilarious. But I still love “The Office” most of all right now… where’s Jim Halpert when you need him? 🙂

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