So good to me

It’s Monday and I’m starting over. I do that every Monday, just like I do every morning, every month, every birthday, and every year. The new week is another shot at getting it right, at having a fabulous time. It is fresh and shiny and new without any mud tracks on the floor. And yes—I know—it’s a Monday.

Most of us are back to work today, and some of us are not in ideal situations. I’m working towards that perfect job, but in the meantime, I work on relaxing into the one I have. My forty hours starts today, and I’m going to be here whether I’m having fun or not. I may as well try to enjoy myself, because I’m on this bus until Friday.

I’ve done a lot of work for temporary agencies, and I’ve found there’s always something to appreciate about a place. Right now I have amazing views. I’m close to the Pike Place market and the Seattle Art Museum, and I’m gaining some insight into the legal system. These are all good things.

I’ve also got some really nice co-workers. I find people I like at every place I work, and yes, frustrating people, too. I’m not happy one hundred percent of the time, and of course I notice the discontented little sods who hang out in the corners. Occasionally I am one of them. I come out of my funk as quickly as possible and I don’t engage with the negative types more than I have to. Why waste my energy? I’m going to need it for the week ahead.

I’ve got things to do—I’ve got that food and shelter addiction to satisfy, and things to learn on the job. My book awaits during breaks, and the outside beckons at lunch. My nights will be full of dancing and other activities. Sometimes I just sit home and do nothing. I love those evenings, too.

Monday is one of the days of my life, and I intend to have the best time available to me at this moment. It may not be sand and ocean, but I’m not likely to get any sun burns. Sometimes that’s enough.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

67. Have fun at work today. Enjoy the company of the people that you only see there. Seek out the interesting and unusual where you are even if you are not yet in your ideal situation. Did it make your day go more smoothly?


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