I’ll take the express

Tonight I’m off to square dancing class. I’ll have some down time before I get there, because I’m riding the bus. I got rid of my car once I moved to Seattle because we are such a transit-friendly city, and I rarely miss it. These enforced breaks between activities allow me to read, to ponder, to work on my writing. Sometimes I just watch the pigeons and people around me. I remain productive, even when that productivity is limited to regaining my energy. It’s all good. 

I’m prepared for this time. I’ve got bubbles in my purse, and I pick the size of my bags based on whether or not they’ll fit a paperback novel. I’m currently reading a private eye mystery. I’ve also got paper and a pen. Who knows what I’ll need to write down—I might overhear an interesting conversation or get an idea for this blog. I might meet someone on the bus. It’s happened before. 

I love the bus because I get time to explore neighborhoods I don’t otherwise venture into. My square dance class is in Green Lake. It’s very pretty up there, with lots of cute little shops near the lake itself. The lake reminds me of many I met during my time in Minnesota. It’s fairly small—about three miles circumference—and often ringed with bikers, skaters and pedestrians. I get a warm feeling just looking at it. 

If I was driving I would most likely pick the shortest route and arrive just before my activity started. I’d plan to investigate the neighborhood on some other day. That day might come, and it might not. The bus forces me to slow down, to become a tourist in my own town. There are a lot of pretty churches up there, and I enjoy looking at the flowers which are just coming out into the front yards. I saw a forsythia in blossom, and I knew it was spring. 

I’m looking forward to my walk in Green Lake today. It’ll be a good warm-up for the dancing and I think I’ll go down a different street than last time. What will I find? Where it will lead me? I aim to find out. 

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

71.  Explore an unfamiliar neighborhood. Peruse its shops, look at its architecture. Did you find something intriguing?


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