Thanks in advance

Dear Universe,

I’m looking for a job. I thought I’d drop you this little note so that you can help me find one. I have many talents and abilities, but you know all about that. I would like you to find me a job that feeds my passions while I maintain my fiscal responsibilities.

I want to help people. One of my missions in life is to make everyone I meet realize how wonderful they are. I’d like to work for a person or company that has the same mission, and who treats me like the magical creature that I am. My ideal employer will realize that I don’t need to wear a suit to excel at my position. My ideal boss doesn’t wear a suit either. She knows that we don’t have to wear a uniform to impress others, and that I can dress nicely while still expressing my own happy energy.

I’d like this position to nurture my writing, to tie into what I do creatively. It’ll give me the flexibility to attend writing retreats and give speeches. Perhaps sometimes I’ll work from home and other times I’ll travel. If there’s an office to go to I won’t be trapped inside of a gray fabric box. There will be artwork and color. I’ll be able to see trees, even if those trees live in planters in the courtyard. My co-workers will be people it is a joy to know, true individuals. We will appreciate that about each other.

I’ll excel at this job, dear Universe, because we’ll be a great match. I believe in the Buddhist concept of Right Livelihood, and I’ll work hard at this job because my profession and I will take care of each other. I’ll appreciate the health benefits and the way my workplace is simply a wonderful place to be. I’ll work hard simply because I believe in doing my best. My boss will recognize and appreciate my efforts. I’ll be able to grow in this position, and it will be a great place for me to be. The job and I will be made for each other.

I look forward to the results of your search. I can hardly wait to see what you find for me. As always, I sincerely appreciate your help.

Love and hugs,

Cathy Tenzo

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

75. What do you want or need right now? Ask the universe for it. All letters will be answered.


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