Sieze the sunny day

Saturday was one of those special days–days that feel like a vacation even though you haven’t left town. The sun was out–all the way out–from behind the clouds. People here aren’t used to that. They get all dazed and happy. I was no exception. Rain worshipper that I am, I still appreciate the odd bit of sun. We see the full sun so infrequently that we view it almost as visiting royalty. It was short sleeve weather, too, after a string of chilly days. Everyone was out enjoying it.

It was the perfect day for a field trip, and I’d already had one planned. First I went down to Renton to buy cowboy boots. That was such an unusual experience for me that I think I’ll describe it in more detail on another day. The lady at the shop was very friendly and guided me through it, and I emerged from Renton Western Wear with my very first pair of boots. Yeehaw! I can’t wait to take them for their first dance this Wednesday.

My friend Gary tagged along because he’s been raving for months about an Indian restaurant down there. Na’an and Curry did indeed have splendid food. It was fun to have a spicy brunch. Downtown Renton was more charming than I anticipated. The architecture was very diverse, including some lovely Art Deco buildings. It was a walkable, sociable place. I think I’ll spend a writing day down there soon.

Coming back from Renton on the bus, I was telling Gary that I wished I was in North Carolina, which is where my family goes to the beach each year. He reminded me that we have the beach right here in Seattle. I’m not used to living so close to the ocean, and I just forgot that we actually had that option. It’s too hard to keep track of Seattle’s delights. There are so many of them.

I love this city. There are so many different neighborhoods and nearby cities that you can stay close to home while being a tourist all over town. We ended our day trip on Alki beach, watching the sun set over our cold drinks. I’ll raise my glass to that.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

77. Take a vacation right where you live. Revel in some nice weather, spend time with friends and explore a nearby neighborhood or town. How did it feel? Is it worth doing more often?

One thought on “Sieze the sunny day

  1. Hi,

    Sounds lovely. I didn’t get away today, but it was sunny here for the first day in a long time and moderately warm. I celebrated with some shopping, an unusual activity for me. I just didn’t want to go back home.

    Happy traveling–even if it’s just around the block!

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