Don’t forget the apron

Sunday was chilly, with a grey drizzle. It provided a deep contrast to Saturday’s bright sun and unseasonal warmth. The day had its own charms. The tinge of cold outside made me joyful to be in the apartment. Once I’d run my errands, I was happy to stay inside. I cleaned and did laundry. It feels so good to spend time at home setting things in order. I get so busy sometimes that I let these little tasks slide, and I suffer for it later. The importance of a good infrastructure cannot be downplayed.

While I was scrubbing and dusting I was also making soup. Ah soup! I love to make soup of all kinds, the ingredients melting down in the pot to a tasty mélange. I can sup on the home-cooked comfort all week. I often concoct my own recipes as I go, and this weekend I made vegetable soup reminiscent of the Polish food I ate growing up. It’s full of cabbage and potatoes with some mushrooms and kasha thrown in. I used Polish spices, too. Yum.

My house mate also cooked. We’ve both been busy, and neither one of us has slowed down enough to be in the kitchen much. We had to give the kitchen back its soul, to bring some life back into our home. Frozen food and quickly-assembled dinners can only feed the body enough to survive on. This weekend we ate. He made us a lovely Mexican meal, and our third house mate even joined in. We sat around the coffee table relaxing with the cat, and were truly nourished.

I’m trying to make more time to cook. I’ve been learning how to freeze food so that it survives the thawing process in an edible state, and that helps. I’m also cooking larger batches on those nights when I do have time to be in the kitchen. The transit time involved with a life lived around the bus schedules makes this a little more effort, but I think it’s worth it. Good home-cooked food is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’m all for that.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

79. Cook a nice meal for yourself or your friends. Are you in the mood for a childhood favorite or do you want to try something new and exotic? Have fun with the process. Did you enjoy it?


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