Listening to leather tongues

My universe is expanding again. I learned a lot this past week, and all from a new pair of cowboy boots and the dancing I did in them. I wore them for the first time on Wednesday for square dancing. One of my fellow dancers knows a lot about boots, and he told me that the kind I bought are real cowgirl boots, the kind you’d wear for roping a steer and driving it down into the dirt. They have greater ankle support than other types of boots because you need stability to do that, and the little flaps which I thought were merely decorative are to keep the dirt out when you are doing the roping. They’re called kilties. One pair of boots with two very different purposes—the possibilities of the world are endless.

The boots got their second outing on Friday. I danced for about six hours that night on and off, and by the end of the evening my feet still did not hurt. No throbs were issuing from my usually unstable ankles. Not only did the boots help me to glide more smoothly and stomp my heels with greater authority, they also helped to protect my feet. I always blame my body when I get all stiff and sore, and I realized that part of the problem was not wearing the correct shoes. I’ll try not to blame myself in the future.

Dancing taught me a third lesson that night. Several people told me I need to ask more people to dance so that I’ll get more practice. I have trouble asking—people tend to dance with the people they came with, and I never ask the really good people because I figure they want to dance only with others who know all the fancy steps. That seems to be mainly in my head—I make too many assumptions. I think too much. Next week I’m going to ask people without doing so much analysis first. This coming weekend is the hoedown, and if I’m a little bit more assertive I should get tons of practice. The boots have been great teachers so far, and I their humble student. I can’t wait to see what further lessons they will bring.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

83. What are some lessons you’ve learned from the world around you this week? Share them with someone else.

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