It’s worth the work

Last night I found out that I’m losing my home. My housemates and I are being forced out in two months so that the building can be converted into luxury apartments. All this is happening while my job situation is unstable. The new owners are already tearing things down around us, leaving piles of plaster on my doorstep so that things will be nicer for the wealthy renters who replace us. Why am I talking about this in a blog about joy?

Sometimes being joyful requires a little work. Things don’t flow smoothly for anyone all the time, no matter who you are. I do get upset—I was frustrated and furious when I heard the news. This awful situation is like any other. After the initial shock of bad news is over, I get to choose how I proceed. I could be miserable and angry for weeks, yelling at people and giving nasty stares to the workmen. Would that make the situation any different? Are the laborers at fault for the company that is displacing me from my home? Not really, and continuing to wallow in misery would only make me more miserable.

I can focus on what I can do and try to look at the positives of the situation. Every move is a chance to declutter and bring some fresh energy into the home. Change can be rough, but it’s also stimulating. I get to think again about which neighborhood will serve me best, about what I really want in a place to live. Who knows what serendipitous discoveries I’ll make during my apartment search?

I’m going to be very busy looking for a place to live, but I don’t intend to spend every waking moment focusing on this issue. I plan to keep dancing during the next two months. I’m going to need my energy to be strong for everything that I have to get done, and dancing makes me very happy. That strength will help me as I go up against our tough rental market. I’m going to need it.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

85. Are you going through some difficulties right now? What is the most joyful path you can find through the middle of the chaos? Choose to be positive, if even for a few moments, and see how that feels. Did it help?


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