The Tease in the dark

This weekend I attended the first-ever Emerald City Hoedown. I can’t wait until next year! There were over twenty hours of dancing and instruction, as well as some wonderful social hours. I refined my two-step, practiced my waltz, tried West Coast swing, and learned seven line dances. I met tons of people from out of town, and got to know some of the locals better. My fellow dancers are such nice people.

The Hoedown had some amazing performances—a 40s-style production number in drag was particularly memorable. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the VisQueens. I loved the Golden Gate Clogging Company, who could have appeared on Broadway. Our local Rain City Rhythm Riders showed how elegant country dancing can look, and the newly-formed Swing-amajig impressed with their Lindy Hop. I was inspired by the skill and dedication of all of the performers. It was a blast.

I was also inspired by the skill and dedication of the teachers. The teachers were all very good, and I learned something from each one of them. We’re very lucky here in Seattle, because a lot of these brilliant instructors are local. We get to benefit from their teaching all the time, and we even get to dance with them. We had some lovely visiting faculty, too. It was nice to get to know them. I hope they come back here soon to dance with us again.

There was a big ball on Saturday night, and it was very festive. The hall was decorated with shiny red cowboy boots, and the stage had painted clouds and twinkle lights dusted across an azure sky. The Polish hall has an enormous dance floor, perfect for spreading out and practicing spins. I got a lot of practice, and met my goal of asking more people to dance.

We ended the evening with a tradition that Rain Country Dance hopes to continue at each Hoedown. The organizers handed out green glow sticks in honor of Seattle’s nickname, the Emerald City. Once everyone was adorned with their plastic neon tubes, the lights were lowered, and we did line dances and partner dances by the glow from our outfits. It was magical. Need I say more?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

91. Is there a big event that you’ve been wanting to attend or perhaps a class that you want to take? What’s stopping you?

Links, should you desire them:

The Golden Gate Clogging Company:


The Rain City Rhythm Riders (and Rain Country Dance):

The VisQueens are on YouTube, but I haven’t watched any videos yet, so I don’t know which to recommend.

This blog, Maya Photography, has a couple of nice Hoedown photos, and some lovely photos in general. I paged down and saw some great architecture shots, and there’s even a picture of one of the “Free Hugs” people I talked about a while back. Check it out at:


One thought on “The Tease in the dark

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the shout out. I am now, of course, trying to figure out which of the wonderful dancers you are! 🙂

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