Fairy-dusted cowboy hats

Our universe is a strange and wonderful place. I saw several instances of it this weekend, and I wanted to share them with you. As I said the other day, the Hoedown had over twenty hours of dancing. I counted up the things I participated in, and I did nineteen of those hours (there was one class that was too advanced for me to take). I’ve mentioned in the past that I get sore when I go dancing–I’m working through that. Saturday morning my knees were painful from Friday night. Sunday I was walking like a sunburned cowboy, stiff-legged and tender. Monday morning I woke up and my knees were not sore. They were not sore at all, which was incredible. My knees hurt all the time, some days more than others. I’ve got some arthritis, and I’m carrying around a bit more weight than I’d like. Since Monday my knees haven’t hurt a bit—after nineteen hours of dancing. I can’t claim to understand it, and I’m not sure how long it will last. I’m just going to bask in the lack of pain while it does.

I saw another magical thing. On Sunday all the dancers were deeply tired. It was an exhilarated kind of tired, but we were all starting to wind down. There’s a line dance called the Tush Push, and our local deejay sometimes plays a double-speed version. He announced this Turbo Tush Push, and the dancers stood still for a moment while it started, so he said, “Let’s try that again.”  Everyone on the floor spontaneously broke out into a different, less strenuous, line dance to the same music. There was no announcement, and as far as I could tell, no communication between the dancers. I’m not even sure how they knew they could do the other dance to that music. I guess a whole weekend spent paying attention to the subtle signals between lead and follow had turned the dancers into one organism, able to transmit its own inner signals. Everyone who saw it was entranced.

I see this everyday sort of magic on a regular basis when I take time to look up from the nitty gritty of my own life. The world is so much more interesting than we tend to realize, and we’re all a part of its complex spell. Can’t you see the sparkles in the air?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

93. Magic is all around us, but we’re often too distracted to notice it. Keep your eyes open today—did you see any magic? What was it?


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