I envy the snail

This weekend I expect to be surrounded by cardboard. I’m moving at the end of June, although I don’t yet know exactly where. I have to wait for things to become available, and I have to draw up a budget so I know how much of a deposit I’ll be able to scrape up. A lot of things are not within my control. Packing is not one of those things.

I can start packing now, and I plan to do so. I don’t have a lot of free time, and as the time gets closer I’ll be using that time to tour apartments and deal with whatever life throws my way. I don’t want to have to pack everything in the middle of that chaos. Of course, I can’t pack everything right now. My housemates are using the kitchen supplies, so those will have to wait for the last boxes. I’ll need something to wear while I wait, and certain things I use too frequently to be able to exile to temporary storage. Everything else can go into the boxes. I’ll try to leave the clutter behind.

I used to be a procrastinator, but I’ve gotten a lot better. The packing will have to be done eventually, and if I wait until the last minute it’s only going to make me more stressed out. I only have a certain amount of energy available in any one week, and I don’t want to tax myself to the limit too many weeks in a row. That’s how I get sick, and I don’t need the stress of that, either.

I also don’t want my move to interfere too much with my dancing. I can’t help the fact that my apartment is being converted into luxury units—I have to move. I don’t have to let it put my life on hold for two months. When I moved last year, I was basically ready two weeks ahead of time. It felt so much nicer than other moves—I wasn’t up all night the evening before, desperate to get things done. I even had time to relax. I’m hoping to beat my record, and be ready three weeks before. I know I can do it, and it will be worth the effort. If I can just find somewhere to move to, I’ll be all set.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

95. What have you been putting off? Can you make one tiny little step toward that task’s completion? Do you feel any better?


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