Can’t read just one

Amid the hectic atmosphere of my workplace, I look forward to lunch, a mini-vacation right in the middle of the day. Sometimes I call friends. Sometimes I eat in silence. Other times I relax on foreign adventures. I keep a small transporter with me wherever I travel. My common model is approximately three inches by five inches, and an inch thick. It’s generally about two-hundred and fifty pages.

I’m speaking of books, of course. I love them; I worship them; I devour them. I’ve been addicted to the written word ever since I sounded out Dr. Seuss. I was one of those girls who would hide under her blanket with a flashlight so she could read late into the night and sometimes I’d even hide in the closet to get away from the hubbub of my three brothers and sisters.

I also love the tactile aspects of books—the feel of the paper; the smell of the ink; the different textures of the covers. I’ve learned to bind simple volumes myself, and can make the paper, too. I’ve even set type. I read plenty of articles on a computer screen these days, but given the choice I’d always rather have something portable. The new electronic books don’t measure up for me, either. I worked for a while on the Amazon Kindle project. It’s a new electronic book reader. While I can certainly understand the appeal of carrying thirty books in a device weighing less than a pound, I miss turning the pages. Books are about so much more than their content.

I love the content, too. I love the sounds of the words in my head as they cascade down the page. I adore mysteries, but I read all sorts of things—poetry, biography, history. I read anything that sparks my interest, and I read constantly. It’s a good thing books don’t contain calories or I might turn into the world’s fattest woman.

I can’t wait until lunch. Last time I peeked inside the covers of my current novel, there was a man with a gun at the door. I don’t think he’s there to sell bibles!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

98. Have you read anything good lately? Carry a book with you so that you have time to sneak in some fun during the middle of your day.


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