And no flat tires

I live a pedestrian lifestyle, and I do not mean that I’m boring. I chose to give up my car when I moved to Seattle. It’s expensive to own one, it’s not great for the environment and it’s a real hassle to park here. This decision has many consequences, including the fact that I spend some time most days waiting for a bus. I’ve come to enjoy those times.

While I wait I observe what’s going on around me—it gives me a chance to watch the pigeons and listen to the birds. I hear some unusual conversations and see some sleek automobiles. I also spend my wait times practicing dance steps, and sometimes I even start singing. I usually do it quietly if others are around—I don’t want to disturb—or more loudly if by myself. I also sing on my walk home. At that point I don’t care if someone hears—I’m not going to be standing in one place long enough for the music to disrupt anyone.

The bus is actually very convenient. Our system is excellent here, and you can get most places quite easily. I don’t need to get full directions when going to a new place—I just call Metro and they tell me which route to take, where to get off the bus, and which way to walk. It’s simple. I also don’t have to spend a long time trying to find a parking space. No parking tickets—no paying for lodging my car while I’m off having fun. It’s very useful. When I’m done with whatever I’m doing I can also leave from the nearest bus stop—I don’t have to go back to wherever I parked.

Taking the bus is a bit like having a chauffeur. They run frequently, and there are stops close to everything. My driver is always ready to pick me up. I drink very little, so when I drove I either needed a designated driver or I couldn’t have even one beer. The bus drivers are my designated drivers, and they are always ready for me. Best of all, I get to meet some intriguing people, and take in all the sights. I even get to explore new neighborhoods on foot. Sometimes the cheaper option is a lot more fun. I love it when that happens!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

99. Next time you have somewhere to go, try taking the bus. Was it a good experience?

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