Your red carpet is waiting

Last night I went to square dancing class. It’s held in a church, and I think that’s highly appropriate. I think dance is a sacred activity. Most things are. I was waiting outside of the building to enter, and I had time to contemplate my surroundings. I love the trees there, and need to find out what kind they are. I’d like to be able to call them by name. They have wide canopies with thick, twining branches. A new crop of red leaves has appeared, casting yellow dust with red stems. It looked like confetti, or tiny scraps of scarlet and lemon lace strewn across the pavement.

Mother Nature threw a parade in the neighborhood, and I’m seeing the aftermath. I celebrate with her, because it looks like it was some party. The return of spring is certainly something to cheer about. It’s not that Seattle is a frozen wasteland during the winter—far from it. Things remain green here, and the cold is present but not punitive. The streets sparkle with rain. Spring brings back the leaves, and there are more birds about. Squirrels frolic, and we start to get some daylight back into the sky. The little changes add up to a subtle but perceptible difference.

I love these impromptu carpets that nature throws down. In the fall we have the leaves; in the forest we have the pine needles and twigs. Always we have the rain. Right now we’ve also got a lot of petals down from cherry trees and other flowering shrubs. I think that the parade is for us all, and we should be appreciative of all the pretty blossoms that are being thrown in our path. I’m going to use this excuse to think back on all the accomplishments I’ve done this year. It’s so easy to focus on what is not yet finished—I’m still job hunting, apartment hunting and packing boxes. I’m also regularly exercising, making a living, and making lots of friends. I’ve worked hard this year, and I’m going to enjoy the petals in my path. The birds are singing, and the sun has scattered fluffy white clouds against the sky. That’s my cue to go out walking. See you later!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

100. Why is Mother Nature throwing you a parade? Celebrate what you’ve achieved so far this year, and go for a walk amongst the flowers.


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