Whole lotta shaking going on

Things have been really busy lately, and my world has been getting disarranged. I’m in one of those snow globe phases—just when I think I might be starting to stabilize, everything gets shaken up and I have to wait for the dust to settle again. It’s rough, but it keeps life from getting too stale. I’m definitely not in any ruts.

This stress also reminds me of the goodness of the world around me. I’ve put the word out amongst people I know and local e-mail lists I belong to, and people are sending me tips and leads for apartment hunting. I’ve already started to check these out, and I’m hoping that one of them will lead to a new home. The sooner I find something, the more relaxed I’ll be, although I trust that a new place is out there.

Sometimes that trust is difficult. It can be hard to believe that everything will eventually go right when it seems that everything has been going all wrong. This is one of the reasons so many people question karma, the Buddhist concept that you get back the energy you put into the world. It can be hard to see it at work, but I believe in the operation of karma. It happens on a small basis like this—people are willing to give me leads because I’m a nice person and they’d like to help me—and I believe it happens on a larger basis, too. Who knows what my world would be like if I were a different person? I live indoors; I’m not a drug addict; I’m educated. My challenges can be a real struggle, but I am very fortunate compared to a portion of my city. I try to remember that.

I also think that all my hard work will pay off eventually. I think that all the effort I’ve put in to making a life for myself is building up somewhere in a cosmic bank account. Now I just have to find the pin number. It’s right on the tip of my tongue—I’ll get it.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

102. Are you going through a snow globe phase? This is the perfect chance to get everything in the right place. What would you like to change? What are the positives here?


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