Look around you

Today I’ve just got to gush—look out for the puddles! I love design, especially design produced in the Forties, Fifties and the Sixties. I love the toasters, their rounded chrome edges gleaming from the countertop. I’ve worshipped many an enamel-topped table in my time, and I adore buildings from that era. Add wheels to that brilliant aesthetic, and my joy goes to whole new levels. I love old planes, trains, motorcycles and even scooters. Cars are my ultimate design fixation, but mine is a somewhat shallow worship. I don’t care what’s under the hood. It doesn’t matter to me if the Keebler elves are making an automobile go. I just love how they look.

I could bore you to death talking about port holes, hood birds and tailfins. I admire a nice running board, and the right grille on a car is like a smile from a sweetheart. I love the much-maligned Edsel, because it has one of those grilles, and I admire the classic pink Cadillac, circa 1959, with all of its overstated decadence. My very favorite car is the 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. It has perfect tiny tailfins, a two-toned swoop of color and abundant chrome. I think I’d even have one in my apartment if I could. Those babies are stunning, from the radios to the upholstery. Small details make a big difference.

I’m glad that some automakers are putting the pizzazz back into transportation. I love the curvy new Volkswagen—it has a flower vase in the dashboard. The Mini-Cooper makes my heart sing. I’m also glad that retailers like Target have started to bring back art to everyday objects like kitchen utensils. I like to surround myself with useful loveliness, and I need to do it on a budget.

As I get ready to move, I plan to keep an eye on those details so that my new apartment will more quickly become a home. I know that there are a lot of places out there. I’m holding out for my kind of pretty. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

103. Look at the designed environment around you. What elements do you particularly enjoy—what colors, shapes, and textures? How can you bring a little bit more of that into your home right now?

One thought on “Look around you

  1. Well… Readers may like pictures to accompany the words. You’re doing fine. You won’t bore me to death…

    I can’t die. 😉


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