Turn on the tap

It’s the middle of a hectic week, and I expect to be in hot water tonight. I’ll be standing in the middle of this water, letting it cascade around my shoulders as the bathroom fills up with steam. Sometimes being in hot water can be a good thing. All expressions are relative. I was reminded of this the other day. I was carrying many pounds of boxes home on foot. I had six blocks of heavy-lifting to go, when I thought of another pessimistic standby: “It’s all downhill from here.” It was indeed, and I was glad of it. The sloped sidewalks made my chore a little bit easier. I’ll remember that occasion the next time someone uses that tired old complaint.

My trouble-free hot water this evening will also include a gastronomic indulgence. I plan to throw my dinner ingredients into a bubbling saucepan, because a little pot of soup soothes even the most hectic soul. I’m not making anything fancy. The kosher section of the supermarket carries some lovely bean mixtures that cook up into a hearty dinner in about an hour with barely any supervision. I may even throw in some minced carrots or a few shreds of spinach. It sounds like a relaxing meal.

I think people make too much fuss over cooking, anyway. A lot of people won’t cook unless they’ve got four hours free, so they subsist on frozen and instant crap in a box. I know dozens of ways to make tasty broths in under an hour, and lots of quick meals do not require the consultation of a single cookbook. If you need some guidance, the internet is full of cooking sites devoted to quick dinners on a budget. A four-hour meal is fun when there is time to be fancy, but supper is not an all-or-nothing proposition. A simpler meal can be just as tasty. Your inner child needs a good dinner in order to be happy and have the proper energy levels—what kind of parent do you want to be? Perhaps she needs to be in hot water tonight, too. Put on the kettle and draw a bath. Ah, the joys of flipping negative expressions upside down!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

104. End up in hot water tonight—make some soup, have a hot beverage and indulge in some hydrotherapy. Isn’t it nice to feel safe and cared for? Snuggle under a fluffy blanket for the perfect finishing touch.


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