Amigos, together

I am so tired this morning! My arms are aching. I need a nap. I had a rough weekend, and a wonderful weekend. It was very difficult because Seattle had uncharacteristic heat, and the renovations on my building meant that I couldn’t open the windows. My house mate also decided to move most of his stuff to the new apartment he found. We were moving in the midst of the heat. Saturday was warm and sticky, which is weird weather for the Pacific Northwest. I helped him to put up shelf paper, and the effort was enormous for both of us. Sunday we did the whole U-Haul thing, carting boxes and lifting furniture. It was very productive, but also exhausting.

We still had a lot of fun. The amazing thing about good friends is that you can have a really good time together even when you’re all stressed out. He had decided to move his stuff right away because he’s got company coming today, and the visitors are going to stay in the new place. The decision to move on Sunday was kind of a spur of the moment thing, but his friends all pitched in to help. We made up songs about moving and were singing as we carted things from one place to the other. We collapsed together and drank limeade afterwards. It’s good to know that you have people to help you through life’s stresses.

He’s going to help me to move when my time comes, and I know it’s going to be the same mixture of hard work and goofy shenanigans. I tried to bring that spirit of fun back to the apartment with me last night, and I packed a whole bunch more of my own boxes. It’s like Mary Poppins always says: “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” It’s much easier to get hard work done with music playing and a spirit of playfulness in the air. My friend and I are looking forward to a time later this summer when all this will be behind us and we’ll be drinking the limeade without the lifting. Until then, it’s great that we have each other.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

107. Who helps you through life’s stressful times? Celebrate that connection today by doing something fun with one of those people.

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