Many ways to celebrate

As I wind up another five days of work the weekend stretches out before me, bright with promise. The holiday on Monday gives me three whole days to do whatever I fancy. Since I live in the bustling city of Seattle, I have a lot of options for spending my free time. Among the many possibilities—I could go to the free drag show on Sunday night; I could take a ferry ride; or I could go to the Northwest Folklife festival. The festival is tempting—three plus days of dancing, music and performance, and the admission is free with an optional donation.

It sounds like loads of fun. I may stop by for a bit, but I think I’m going to do something even more rewarding. I plan to pack for my move. I don’t have a lot of time during any given week to concentrate on tasks like this, and the sheer enormity of it has set me to worrying. I’ve already done quite a bit, because I don’t believe in procrastinating, but there’s a lot more to do. If I focus, I think I could get the majority of the work done. Then I’ll be able to relax until I actually have to cart the boxes from one place to another. Of course some items will have to be left to the last minute, but I’ll feel a lot better if most of it is squirreled away now.

I also like the fact that this festival is happening this weekend. If I concentrate, I think I could get most of it done in two days. Then I’ll be able to reward myself for a job well done without spending any money—an important consideration as I save for the move. I plan to have fun doing the work, too. I could use a weekend of good music and home-cooked soup, and all that can happen while I pack. It will feel good to see the empty closets and the neatly-stacked cardboard boxes, and to know that I won’t have to spend next Saturday similarly engaged. I can’t wait to get started!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

111. Is there something that you need to get done? Get it out of the way right now. Do you feel relieved?


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