Shaking it up

Dear Reader: I’ve decided to do something different on the weekends—something less formal and structured, much like the weekends themselves. Enjoy!

I’ve been taking some weekends off from writing the blog, because I’ve noticed that readership goes way down on those days, and after all, I’m a busy person. I’m also a person who loves the idea of neatly-completed columns, of boxes set down in a certain semblance of order. It drives me nuts to leave those days empty.

I’ve decided on a compromise, and so on weekend days I’ll be posting shorter, less formal entries—random bits of goodness like other blogs might bring you. I won’t give assignments on those days (because, after all, you need a rest, too). Besides, I want everyone to have time for some random fun.

My tidbit today is to tell you about a movie I just rented, called The Golden Compass (2007, Chris Weitz). I wasn’t sure I would like it. I have automatic doubts before I see any fantasy film. When I was younger, written fantasy had exploded as a genre, and the bookstores could not keep enough novels in stock. The result of this newfound popularity was a profusion of complete and utter dreck. I read so many badly-written tales in a row that I stopped reading fantasies for quite a while. Now that the cinematic fantastical is in vogue, I fear the same lowering of quality. I was pleasantly surprised.

The alternate world depicted in this film is original, and the visual effects are stunning. The profusion of speaking animals in the movie, if handled differently, could have been cloying. Instead the animals were handled well, and did not come off simply as cute sidekicks. The storyline also interested me, and I look forward to seeing the sequel, although I intend to have read Philip Pullman’s originals before it comes out. I have found that most times I enjoy the book far more than the movie, and I want to have the chance to read these works before I see more films. I’d highly recommend it if you find yourself wanting to snuggle on the couch in front of a movie this weekend.

See you tomorrow!

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