Scarlett is still upset

Dear Reader: I’ve decided to do something different on the weekends—something less formal and structured, much like the weekends themselves. Enjoy!

I found another cool little bit in my reading this week, again courtesy of Colin Dexter (I’m whipping through the books, so alas! you won’t be hearing about him much longer). His detective character, Inspector Morse, points out that the phrase I don’t give a dam does not contain the expletive we assume it to have. Morse says that the dam in question is a small Indian coin of little value. Other resources on the web say a dam was an almost-worthless piece of metal used to mend pots and pans, and that this is where the origin of the phrase lies. As a person who loves language and strives to be correct, I revel in the hidden stories behind the phrases we hear every day. When it comes to stuff like that, I give way more than a dam! (Gosh darn it!)

See you tomorrow!


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