And it’s fun

I was looking back at some of my old blog entries the other day. I wanted to see how they sounded to me now that the writing has had time to settle. I also wanted to see what I had to say. It’s good to be reminded of my own advice and see if I’ve made any progress on my personal challenges.

I write Yay! Pigeons for many reasons. I think it’s important for a writer to write every day, because you can’t get better as a writer by merely thinking about it. The blog is a commitment I make to my craft. It helps that it’s a public commitment, because that keeps me from getting lazy. As much as I love to write, I’m also busy. It helps to have this on my daily task list.

I also like the discipline of keeping the blog to a certain format. That’s good practice for any writer, and looking back at my posts reminds me that I can write something in the proper length and style even on days when I am not feeling particularly inspired. A writer who must wait for inspiration spends a lot of time stuck. Writing is a skill, just like carpentry. A carpenter doesn’t need to wait for inspiration before she builds a porch, and I shouldn’t have to wait for the Muse before I write a sentence. Don’t get me wrong about the Muse, though—I still love her.

I also write the blog to record the things that I’ve noticed as I go about my day. I am always working towards the wholehearted pursuit of joy, and I make new discoveries along the way. It’s good to get them written down, because I forget things as I go. Sherlock Holmes always said that the mind only has a certain amount of space. I don’t know if he was right, but I do know that I can only concentrate on a limited number of things at once. If I write something down I free up space in the active part of my brain. That’s good, because it gets pretty cluttered in there.

There are lots of other reasons I write my blog, but the most important reason I write is to be able to share with my readers. I hope you can use my ideas and mishaps as inspiration and instruction to further pursue a joy that will be your very own. Yay joy!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

121. What has your own life taught you about the pursuit of joy? Share one of the lessons with someone else today—or leave a comment on the blog and share it with me and my readers.


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