They like birdseed best

Tomorrow is National Pigeon Day, a day created to honor the contributions that pigeons have made towards our society. Pigeons have contributed to our war efforts, they beautify our cities, and they make everyday life just a little bit more wonderful.

I’ve written about pigeons before, and if you didn’t see those discussions you must have at least guessed I like pigeons because of the name of my blog. If you happen to be in New York City tomorrow, you can go and join the big celebration that’s going to go on for National Pigeon Day. If you aren’t, I encourage you to take a moment to celebrate wherever you are.

This is the perfect opportunity to give thanks to pigeons for making our daily lives richer. People complain about pigeons all the time, but would you really want to live in a city completely devoid of wildlife? The carefully-manicured trees would harbor no birds. No squirrels would scamper through the parks, and seagulls would never stand sentinel on rooftops. We’d be left in the urban center all by ourselves, the only sounds the mechanical ones we created. That’s not a place I’d want to live in.

I find pigeons particularly pretty because they can vary so much from one another. Pigeons have been bred for their looks for so long that much of our urban flocks sport many different colors. Some are the traditional grey, while others are a light brown color, dappled with white. Sometimes I even see a snow white dove, and I think that it must have wandered off from a wedding release somewhere. Many variations on patterns exist, and I often think of pigeon flocks as a traveling art exhibit.

I plan to take some time tomorrow to feed the pigeons in honor of this holiday. Although they won’t know that I am celebrating a special day for them, I will know. When I set aside time to honor what’s important, it enriches my own life. I do not intend to take the pigeons for granted. Yay Pigeons!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

124. Think about celebrating National Pigeon Day and take a moment to be grateful for all the wildlife you encounter on a daily basis. How do they add to your experience of the world around you?


Links, should you desire them:

Information on the festivities in New York, and about pigeons themselves:

A previous blog post, about the good qualities of pigeons and their heroism:

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