Don’t crush the ponies underfoot!

Dear Reader: I’ve decided to do something different on the weekends—something less formal and structured, much like the weekends themselves. Enjoy!

I can’t wait to visit Portland. One of the joys of moving to a new region of the country is all the unexplored territory that is still waiting to be discovered. I’d never been to the West Coast before I moved to Seattle, and I haven’t yet ventured far due to schedule and finances.

I hear great things about Portland, and when I decided to move away from Minnesota it was my other potential choice. I made the decision without field work (again, finances) and chose Seattle because of its size. At heart I’m a city girl, and I know that Portland’s quite a bit smaller.

One of these days I’m going to take the train down there and check it out. I hear it has excellent public transportation. I’m especially excited because of an art project I heard about—the teeny tiny horses of Portland. Apparently Portland has a lot of historic carriage rings remaining from the days when people needed to tether their full-sized horses. These have been put to use by artists and locals who are now tethering toy-sized ponies to them. I’ve been reading about this phenomenon and I’ve included a link to another blog that discusses them. You should see this! I love public art, particularly when it’s as whimsical as this. Check it out at

For even more details and photos, go to

See you tomorrow!

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