Happy trails to you

Dear Reader: I’ve decided to do something different on the weekends—something less formal and structured, much like the weekends themselves. Enjoy!

I’m writing this post on Friday afternoon and I’ve just learned about Tim Russert’s death. If you don’t know him, he was the host of a television program called Meet the Press.

I’m saddened. I used to spend every Sunday morning watching political debate shows, catching up on the news of the week while I lingered over breakfast. I liked Tim Russert’s style, so polite yet so probing. His pleasant demeanor was often in sharp contrast to those he was interviewing. The universe needs more people like that.

Now that I don’t have a television I’ve occasionally missed this routine, although I find it’s better for me in the long run not to focus so much on politics. I’m sending a prayer out into the universe for Mr. Russert and his family. Although I never met the man, I spent many cheerful hours watching him. For that, I am grateful.

See you tomorrow!


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