I walked to see the cars

Yesterday I immersed myself in deep pools of minutia on historic Seattle houses, and then I went dancing. It’s a nice balance thing, and I’m glad I have the two-step to pull me away from my books. I can get mesmerized by knowledge, forgetting to come up for air. I can also be mesmerized by my writing. Occasional bouts of this are okay, but take a writer away from the world for a while and she is no longer writing about reality. This may be okay for the authors of some genres, but I like to keep a tether to the universe around me.

I kept reading because my questions were being answered. I go dancing up on Capitol Hill, and I’ve often wondered why there are so many auto dealerships in a neighborhood that is so urban. I’m used to seeing car lots out on the frontage roads at the edges of town. As I studied the details on the properties listed on the website, I found out that the area was once a center for the car industry. Many of the brew pubs and coffee shops where I take my leisure used to be dealerships, and this is why the buildings have such enormous windows. It also explains the oddly placed driveways that jut into large structures. The falafel vendors use these to strategic advantage on busy evenings. The place where I buy art supplies used to sell Packards, and the funky bar across the street sold other luxury vehicles.

It was fun to be able to step out of my research and see the results last night. I looked at Capitol Hill with a new eye, knowing the history of some of its structures. I was a bit early for the line dancing, so I wandered around and peered in some windows. I admired the Ferraris in all their glossy red glory, and noticed the special rack of Ferrari garments within the store. It seems fitting somehow that most of the car showrooms that remain in the neighborhood are selling luxury vehicles. Ferrari fits in well next to the trendy new noodle shop selling cucumber and ginger gimlets. As the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

129. Have you been really busy with a certain project lately? Come up for air. Perhaps your labors will shed new light on the world around you, or perhaps the world around you may shed new light on your project. Besides, as the advertising slogan would have it, “different is good.”


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