Questions questions questions

Dear Reader: I’ve decided to do something different on the weekends—something less formal and structured, much like the weekends themselves. Enjoy!

I love to read magazines, and it’s something I don’t often have enough time for. Magazines are expensive, so I tend to enjoy them as a rare treat or in a place where I can peruse them for free. Sometimes people leave old ones at my workplace, and today I found the June/July issue of Atlantic. I’m looking forward to reading it. I mention it here, because even the title of the feature article intrigues me. In large letters across the face, the magazine screams “Is Google Making Us Stupid?: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains.” The author is Nicholas Carr.

I’m looking forward to his conclusions, because I’ve been thinking about this issue a lot lately. Many members of my generation, Generation X, did not grow up with access to personal computers. Most of us have adapted, and have learned to surf the web with the best of them. I’ve found a lot of useful information online, as well as a lot of diversion. I’ve also become concerned because it seems that a lot of people accept everything online at face value. This is more modern disguise for the old fallacy that “because it’s written down it must be true.”  This worries me as a scholar—I used to be a medieval historian in a past existence of this life. It worries me more as a person, because this fallacy is a powerful weapon in the aid of those who seek to preach hate and violence.

It’s something to think about, whether or not you seek out the article. Unwavering belief in the supreme greatness of computers is one of unquestioned assumptions of our times. I find myself more joyful when I ask questions about everything (or maybe that’s just my pesky curiosity speaking)!

See you tomorrow!


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