Gotta dance

It’s Monday again, and my brain is once again a mishmosh of weekend experiences. I had a productive weekend, and I got a lot of things done. I was happy about that, but my favorite parts of the weekend involved dancing. Since I resolved to dance more often a few months back I’ve been vigorously keeping that resolution. This weekend I went country dancing and swing dancing, and I had a great time.

Friday night I went country dancing, and I started to learn a new aspect of Texas two-step—I started to learn how to lead. I’m glad that I’ve stuck to only being a follow for so long, because it’s confusing to switch. It’s also really interesting. I think that my practice as a follow is helping me to learn how to lead. I know what I like and don’t like in a dance leader, so I’m trying not to be tentative or bossy. It’s interesting to study the dance from an opposite position. I also did a lot of line dancing that night, and someone complimented me on my mastery of the Boot Scoot Boogie. This made me laugh, because I remember when I didn’t know any line dances but the Electric Slide. The Boot Scoot Boogie was the first one I learned, and I’ve come a long way in a short time. It made me feel good, too, because I don’t think of myself as graceful. I might have to revise my own opinion.

I also started my second class in East Coast Swing. I love the glamour of swing dancing, and I adore the music. I learn something from every new dance I take, and what I’m learning from swing is that if you really love something it’s worth the physical effort it involves. I don’t find the steps to the dance at all complicated, and can usually do a new pattern shortly after it is introduced. What I do find difficult—sometimes very difficult—is the pace of swing dancing. An hour of practice feels like running up stairs. I also find pace to be an issue with certain line dances I do—it’s hard to dance so quickly and not become breathless. It makes me want to work to get in better shape just so I can have even more fun when the music starts. Considering how far I’ve already come, I know I can get there. Cue the music!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

131. Is there something you might like to do but you think it might be too physically challenging? Start working up to it if it makes you feel joyful.


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