It’s useful at dinner

On weekends I like to mix up the format a bit. Enjoy!

I’m going to give you another quote today from Isaac Asimov’s great book, Asimov on Science Fiction. In one of his essays on writing, Asimov uses the word eupepsia which he marks with a dagger for further reference at the bottom of the page. I was delighted when I looked down at the note he’d left for the reader. Asimov said: “So look it up. How will you become a writer if you don’t develop your vocabulary?”

I am going to suggest the same. Hopefully you’ve got a massive dictionary somewhere in the house, and now that many of us have access to all the tools of the internet, it’s easier than ever to check things out.

Here’s hoping this blog finds you with a case of eupepsia. (Hint, it’s not a soft drink, although it sounds a bit like one.)

See you tomorrow!

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