Summer in the city

It is bright and sunny here in Seattle, and I’m missing the rain. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but it’s been bright and sunny for weeks here. People in Seattle like to keep that kind of thing a secret, because we don’t want everyone in the universe to move to the city and drive up our already steep housing prices. Most everyone here is ecstatic about the current weather, but I am tiring of the relative heat. Give me a soaking shower any day.

I have been enjoying the summer anyway. I’ve been running errands on these hot afternoons, and it gives me another chance to see the little vignettes that occur all around me. I was walking back to my apartment from the grocery store yesterday and it felt like it was eighty degrees. The pavement was glaring reflected sunlight in my eyes, and I swear I could hear the leaves on the trees pleading for mercy. My step was dragging a bit, and then I saw a sequined platform shoe extend out of the alleyway. It was scarlet, and its mate followed it. The rest of the drag queen’s outfit was glamorous, to be sure, but nothing could match the sudden surprise of the shiny red shoe. My spirits lifted.

Over on Broadway I saw a man running around looking for some of the local landmarks. There’s some sort of race going on that requires people to rush around on the bus and find these things, and the searchers all wear big numbered tags. They were looking for the metal tango steps that are imbedded in the sidewalk, and I pointed them in the right direction. We were very close already, and as I pointed to the steps I noticed a couple there trying to follow the dance moves. It was adorable.

I spent some time getting out of the heat. I sat on a patio in the shade and enjoyed the cool breezes, and next weekend, if it’s still hot, I’ll go play at one of the city’s numerous fountains. Seattle has these glorious waterworks everywhere, and many of them are designed to allow people to frolic in them. My favorite one is level with the plaza it sits in. The water goes on and off in seemingly random patterns. You can get soaked really quickly and then take a breather. It’s the closest thing I can get to the rain right now, and I’m going to take it. Summer brings its own kind of fun.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

142. Do you like the weather you’re having? If not, can you find something good about it?


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