Sometimes more is better

It’s easy to let relaxation go in the midst of turmoil and confusion. I know this, and I’ve worked really hard to keep a balance while I job hunt and try to unpack. This Saturday I got a little boost on that front. I went to the spa.

How did I do that on my unemployment wages? I won a drawing at one of those expos that the convention center is always having. I always enter those things, and I actually won two different drawings, as well as some prizes that weren’t really prizes. I ignored the sales pitches, but happily accepted the true goodies.

I won three spa services, so this weekend I had my first-ever facial. I’ve done my own facials, of course. I don’t think you can get to be an adult female without having at least spent some time investigating the range of scented luxury potions and skin care options. It was decadent, and I appreciate the people who attend the school where the treatment took place. I think that the services they provide truly qualify them as healing professionals. My skin looks a little bit nicer, but the best thing about it was the healthy indulgence.

After that I had my first-ever salt glow, a procedure where I was scrubbed with scented salt until my skin had no more rough parts or dead skin cells left. Once the salt was washed off the aestheticians rubbed on a soft lotion that smelled like lemony mint. I finished my afternoon with a manicure, and carried that relaxed feeling into the rest of the weekend. Yesterday I continued the pampering with a long soak in my apartment’s claw foot tub. The whole experience has been so helpful to my outlook that I’m going to redouble my efforts to remember to nurture myself.

At the same expo I also won a decorative glass float. I’m told these things were used by fishermen to keep nets up in the water. Whatever it was originally for, it’s very pretty. The float is a blown-glass sphere about six inches in diameter, with rainbow-colored swirls. I’ve got it in a bowl nearby my bed. It’ll remind me to keep going out, to keep taking time for myself, and to always to take a chance when there’s a prize drawing. Who knows what else could enter my life?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

147. Next time you see a free prize drawing, take the time to sign up. The universe may be waiting to reward you.


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