Quirky business fun

On weekends I like to mix up the format a bit. Enjoy!

I’ve been borrowing DVDs from the public library. This method introduces some serendipity into the selection process, since very few movies are available at any one time. Chance determines what is available, and I have found some interesting things to watch.

I borrowed the first season of the British comedy The Office. I’ve never seen the American version, but the British one is hilarious. Tedium loses nothing in translation. I was also inspired by a quote on one of the shows. I don’t have it exactly, but one of the characters said something to the effect that he’d rather be at the bottom of a ladder he wanted to climb than halfway up one that he didn’t. I couldn’t agree more, and I thought it was well put.

If you get a chance to see the show, I’d highly recommend it.

See you tomorrow!

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