He also wrote Gas Light

On weekends I like to mix up the format a bit. Enjoy!

I find some of the best things by wandering around and keeping my eyes open. This includes books. I love to peruse the displays at the libraries and bookstores and see what new thing I chance upon.

I found one such treasure this week. I’ve just started reading The Slaves of Solitude by Patrick Hamilton. It’s listed as a classic, but I’ve never heard of it or him. His other books sound interesting, too. I didn’t read much of the introduction, because the editors often include plot spoilers. I’ll check it out after I finish the book.

I’ll be delighted to have read this book even if it goes downhill from here. I love the writing style. I’m going to quote the first two paragraphs here. You may want to check it out.

“London, the crouching monster, like every other monster has to breathe, and breathe it does in its own obscure, malignant way. Its vital oxygen is composed of suburban working men and women of all kinds, who every morning are sucked up through an infinitely complicated respiratory apparatus of trains and termini into the mighty congested lungs, held there for a number of hours, and then, in the evening, exhaled violently through the same channels.

“The men and women imagine they are going into London and coming out again more or less of their own free will, but the crouching monster sees all and knows better.”


See you tomorrow!

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