The unbearable fragility of plaster

I got mired in the muck of my mood again last week. My landlord has an absolute rule against putting any holes in the wall of my apartment. The walls are made of plaster, and therefore apparently fragile. This means I can’t use my bookshelves, because they are unstable and dangerous without a firm anchoring. I tried to figure out a way to anchor them to each other, but each attempt was ugly as all sin. I can’t bear ugly, so the bookshelves have to go. It makes me sad, and now I have three enormous bookshelves in my way.

This plaster-based prohibition has been a major roadblock towards unpacking. I’ve got lots of books, and I usually unpack them first, and thus get a majority of things out of the way. I’m finally starting to adjust, and I’m placing some in my apartment’s handy storage, and others are ringing the walls. I might never have broken my inertial block, but I talked to my best friend. Thank Heavens! One of the great things about friends is that they provide perspective.

When I wasn’t getting things done, I felt like the worst human being on the face of this planet. Of course, my mind reasoned, everyone else was on top of everything they had to do at all times, and I was the only one who couldn’t keep up. I was obviously a miserable failure as a human being. It sounds silly in retrospect, but the mind can be tricky that way. My friend reminded me that I’d gotten all sorts of things done that were not related to unpacking, and regaled me with tales of her as-yet-unfinished to-do list. I know she’s a great person, and if she can have things undone then apparently we can both be marvelous creatures with too much to do. I felt better almost immediately, and got to work. Now that I’ve started, it’s been easier to keep going. I’m happy to see my progress, and I hope to be done soon. I can’t wait.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

158. Compose a list of things that you have gotten done as you go through your day. Keep this somewhere handy, so that you can refer to it when you feel like you haven’t gotten anything accomplished. If you really feel stuck, call a friend for some encouragement or perspective. Perhaps it’ll be just what you need to feel better.


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