Sitting with the world

On weekends I like to do things a little differently. Enjoy!

A lot of people are in church today, celebrating whatever faith they celebrate.

I am celebrating, too, and it’s a matter of contrast. There’s a fellow outside the coffee shop, and he’s conducting an invisible orchestra. He has a smile that almost splits his face in half below the crack-crazed eyes. Although he appears to be having a good time, I give thanks that my happy moods are not dependent on outside substances. I’ll have my low moods, too, but they won’t be sudden crashes due to withdrawal. I feel lucky that I haven’t followed that path, because it’s easy to be led that way. One mistake can lead to a lifetime of suffering. I’m glad that my mistakes have been different sorts of errors. Reality is intoxicating enough!

I’m off to celebrate the world around me. Have fun wherever you are, too.

See you tomorrow!


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