Some soothing goodness

On weekends I like to do things a little differently. Enjoy!

My friend isn’t feeling too well today, and I was able to help him with some simple remedies I know. I can’t tell you exactly where I learned these, because I no longer know. Your results may vary, but none of them are risky to try. I offer them up in case they help you, too.

For nausea, Coke syrup works wonders. You can still find it at some pharmacies, or simply shake up some Coca-Cola—carefully—until it is flat. I no longer use this particular remedy, because I used to be addicted to the stuff, but it works wonders. Ginger works too, perhaps as candied ginger, and peppermint tea does wonders for nausea and for stomach cramps. Papaya supplements are also helpful.

For colds, hot peppers and spicy foods help to drive away the congestion. Besides, spicy is yummy, and it’s nice to have a treat when you’re feeling all nasty. A little bit of brandy and honey in a cup of strong black tea is also quite soothing.

For headaches. Many many headaches are brought about by dehydration. If your head hurts, you might not be getting enough fluids. Drink some water, and then drink some more. This usually helps. Something cold applied to the forehead often provides immediate relief to other types of headaches.

Hope you don’t need this advice right now (or ever)! If you do, give it a try. No nasty medicine to buy, and no harmful side effects to consider, and you might just feel better. Now that’s a win-win situation.

See you tomorrow!

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