Slay your dragons

My friend Laurie and I make up words all the time to bridge gaps in the language. A while back she came up with the term techno-damsel. We often use this word as a verb. To techno-damsel is to avoid the use of new or unfamiliar technology, especially if you wait to have the help of someone who is already familiar with that technology. We’re both recovering techno-damsels.

I’m making some headway. Last week I downloaded music for the very first time. Until recently I didn’t have a computer capable of music downloads, and I still don’t have a portable device to play music files on. I have, however, been wanting to make up a CD of some of my line dancing music. I knew that I could do that on iTunes, but I’d never bought anything from the site or burned a CD. I use a computer all the time, but the whole thing made me very nervous. What if something went wrong? What if it didn’t work with my computer? What was I going to do? I just wanted my knight to come along and figure it out for me.

Since I am knight-free, I made a decision to face my techno-demons alone. I could have waited until one of my more technologically savvy friends had time to help me, but I figured I could manage it. I took a few deep breaths, and faced the wilds of the website. They have extensive written help files, so I was able to figure it out without too much trouble. It worked, and nothing went wrong. I now have my CD.

I’ve faced these challenges before, and I find that the worst part of the problem is all of the nonsense that rears up in my head before I try to do whatever is needed. None of it makes much sense. I learn quickly, and I’m very smart. Once I get started I’m fine, but sometimes I have a devil of a time getting started. Each little victory makes it easier to face the next challenge. Someday I’ll only need the word to describe others. I can’t wait.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

168. Do you put off tasks that involve new technology until you have someone to help you? Try to do one of these items on your own. How bad can it be?


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